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Sep 24 12 4:16 PM

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This is the start of the list for shelters for Youth.  Just getting started.

  • Youth Services Network -
    • Here is where you will directly see shelters and the beds available at that shelter.


St Paul

Youth Moving Forward (Comprehensive List, NOT up to date)

The purpose of this topic is to give the latest updates, in a comprehensive list, of the Youth Shelters and services in the Twin Cities, and Greater MN.  We all need to see what is available, for those in need.  And also, see where we're falling short in genuinely helping our youth.  (more to come...)

This is a reporting or referral service only!  Independent organizations and websites may change their services and/or information without notice!  But, this message board does facilitate and provide the opportunity for anyone in the community to help us know any and all recent developments.  Create a profile, and begin to add content on this message board, with approval.  Or, email [email protected]  Or, call 612-720-2091 (leave a message if staff is unavailable)

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Nov 12 16 6:25 AM

Additional Links

Additional Links and Resources

The following are links and references found and added in random order.  Roughly...

Face to Face Youth Services (St Paul)

Community Action Partnership / Suburban Hennepin

Oasis for Youth (Bloomington)

Hope for Youth (Anoka)

C.O.R.E (Dakota County Youth)
  • Drop-in Center / Apple Valley
  • Help with Public Assistance, transportation, meals, referrals to shelter & housing, hygiene, laundry, showers, and more...

Full Cycle (South Minneapolis)

Children's Law Center of MN

Minnesota Legal Issues

Freeport West (Minneapolis)
  • "Providing Supportive Services to Empower Youth"
  • This website is active, but is not up to date.
  • This organization for Youth has closed it's doors.
  • A call to the Administrative offices resulted in number out of service.

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Jan 25 17 4:38 PM

The CSR Direct Project does not agree with the effort trying to "End" homelessness.  

That we need to stop lying to ourselves, and therefore better genuinely help those in need.

Helping homeless youth and adults is a simple matter of keeping our humanity, as a community.  We must do this!  But, more people in the positions of authority, responsibility and leadership need to learn more skills, and be more educated and practiced in recovery from an addict family system.

First, "Ending" homelessness is a wasted effort for the simple fact that it implies a level of control that the people in authority, responsibility and leadership do NOT have.  Second, the number of sources that cause or influence homelessness, in any form, are staggering! Inside the state of Minnesota, and out.

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