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Nov 28 16 4:43 PM

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This topic is all about Misc Links about Domestic Abuse and it's victims.

Resources, contacts, referrals, etc.

Please add your questions, concerns, issues, about Domestic Abuse and Violence, to join in the dialog.

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#1 [url]

Nov 28 16 4:49 PM

Minneapolis Domestic Violence Experiment (MDVE)

Interview Questions for Victims of Domestic Violence.

  1. Who called the police?
  2. Can you tell me why you called the police for help or why you think the police were called (if the caller was someone other than the victim)?
  3. Are you hurt?
  4. Are you feeling any soreness, tenderness, or pain anywhere on your body (visible or covered areas)?
  5. It looks like someone hit you; can you tell me what happened?
  6. Have you been struck, hit, or injured in some other way?
  7. Where on your body were you hit?
  8. Who hit you?
  9. What did this person hit you with?
  10. How were you hit? Was an object or weapon used (e.g. a shoe, a knife, a gun, a telephone, a fist)?
  11. Were you hit with an open or closed hand?
  12. Has this person ever hit or hurt you before?
  13. How many times were you hit?
  14. Has anything been broken or damaged (i.e. phone ripped out of the wall)?
  15. Has anything been thrown directly at you or near you?
  16. Are you pregnant?

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