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Oct 22 16 10:52 AM

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Minneapolis Shelter Changes, October 2016

Starting in October, 2016, the Minneapolis Single Adult Men's and Women's shelter system has made significant changes.  

This topic is here to help share the details of those changes from the lottery system, that only held once a week, to daily access to the shelter system.

Having said that, the number of shelters and subsequent available beds have not increased, as we understand.  But, hopefully a fresh look at, and an attempt at accessing our shelter system in a new way, will provide some beneficial changes that work for more people.

Here is the start of a Google map of all the shelters in the Minneapolis area.  Click here.  (Not yet complete)

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#1 [url]

Oct 22 16 10:58 AM

Adult Shelter Connect

Adult Shelter Connect (Minneapolis)
St Olaf Catholic Church, 215 South 8th Street, Minneapolis, MN
Phone: 612-248-2350
Open: Monday - Friday (9am to 5:30pm)
Open: Sat & Sun (1pm to 5:30pm)

Coordinated by Single Adult Shelter Collaborative


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