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Apr 11 12 12:01 PM

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For months, if not years, the Central Library wifi has been terrible. 

A fair amount of time it works, but too often it has done things to frustrate many people.  I have found it is sometimes hard to connect to the wifi, or it will disconnect and I need to manually reconnect.  If I need to reconnect, I often need to click on the "I agree" button to confirm, or reconfirm I will follow the rules, and not be inappropriate.

I have posted comments on the Library website, I have talked to staff, I have replied to HCLIB Tweets, to help them know of user frustration.

Currently, there are electricians working on the 4th floor to install a new, larger router, to accommodate more traffic.
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Sep 2 12 1:01 PM

Wifi Update

I am using the Central Library's wifi to post this comment, and others.  Seems it's now working just fine.  Haven't had or heard of any issues.

Thank You Hennepin County Library System.

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Sep 16 12 8:08 PM

Wifi Update

The last time I used the Library (downtown) wifi, it did not work for my Outlook program. 

I came up with a list of errors when trying to sync the folders.  Frustrating!

It's good that I have my own hotspot.

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